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drum lessons North Vancouver

drum lessons North Vancouver

A guaranteed way of improving your drumming skills is through drum lessons. Offered at every proficiency level, the input of someone with a bit more experience helps you master the fundamentals, improve your techniques and creativity. Drums are more physically engaging than other instruments, and effective motions are paramount. A drumming lesson center will analyze your skills, filter out the ineffective techniques and forms, and help you advance to the next level. Like art, drumming needs positive critique to improve, and a seasoned instructor is a suitable mentor to offer it.

Our Academy

Our musical instrument academy is welcoming to all types of drummers. We can improve your skills dramatically whether your interest is rock, blues, jazz, pop or metal. Our doors are open to beginners who want to learn as a passion project. While fully stocked, we encourage our students to bring their favorite drum parts to enhance their learning experience. We craft lessons to suit each student and match their playing styles and favorite music genres. We will set goals consistent with your level to challenge you to be better.

Our Instructors

Our drum lesson center in North Vancouver has all the qualities of a professional music school. Our instructors have expertise in all popular and niche drumming styles. They are graduates from the best universities in the US and Canada. Some of them have had tours in North America and Europe, further increasing their wealth of knowledge. They bring authenticity to each lesson and help you evolve your drumming skills through their engaging educational style.

We have a structured teaching plan as a guide. However, our instructors meet students at their experience levels and build a lesson plan. As our student, you will be challenged with elaborate technical exercises to improve your basics. We aim to improve your speed, coordination and comfort. Drumming language is complex, but our instructors break it down into understandable chunks, combining theory and practice to help you decipher, understand, and ultimately master it.

Our academy is fully equipped with all drum kits. We require you to bring your drum sticks and a notepad to record your lessons. We recommend students have their drum kits at home for extended practice.

Our school of music programs prepares students for the world of drumming. We regularly organize events and invite an audience to listen to your drumming skills. Though these events are free, they offer a platform for students to get stage experience. Invite your friends, family and acquaintances to watch you perform. In addition to these concerts, we also offer other performance outlets in community events, coffee houses and nursing homes.

Additional Lessons

Our music instrument repair center helps students manage their faulty sets. This information is invaluable as it helps students become fully self-sufficient as drummers. These lessons teach how to tune your drums, replace your drum heads and tension heads, and tear down and rebuild an entire drum. These repair lessons extend to all other musical instruments as well.

Calgary music school is a premier music academy in North Vancouver. Please call us today at 503-516-1003 or email for enrolment details.

drum lessons North Vancouver
Musicworks Canada
drum lessons North Vancouver
8120 Beddington Blvd NW Bay 103
Calgary AB T3K 2A8 CA

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