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bitmain ASIC hardware

bitmain ASIC hardware

Why do we need ASIC for cryptocurrency mining?

To make a profit in cryptocurrency mining, you need to join a cryptocurrency mining pool and own an Antminer ASIC mining hardware.
You must use Bitmain ASIC hardware because it is the only cryptocurrency mining equipment powerful enough to mine.

Meanwhile, you need to join a crypto mining pool. The average person won't have enough hashpower to make a block on their own.

Another factor in cryptocurrency mining is the cost of energy. In some regions, the cost of energy is too high to make a reasonable profit from mining. comes up with solutions in this sense through a varied range of mining equipment and effective solutions for maintaining and streamlining mining.
What is an ASIC for cryptocurrency mining?

ASICs have been around for decades and can be found in many common devices such as the mobile phone. Their adoption as cryptocurrency miners has only occurred in recent years. The first Antminer ASICs from the company Bitmain for Bitcoin were sold in 2013 and since then they have been developed for other cryptocurrencies, such as Litecoin or Dash.

A direct comparison between CPUs, GPUs, and ASICs is difficult because CPUs and GPUs can technically be considered a type of ASIC. The main difference between CPU and GPU mining ASICs is that mining ASICs don't have all the extra options that make CPUs and GPUs so versatile. You cannot run an operating system or play a video game on a Bitcoin mining ASIC. The chip is intended to do only one thing - mine Bitcoin. So the efficiency of ASICs is clearly superior. When it comes to cryptocurrency mining all its computing resources can be optimized for this well-defined task.
Cryptocurrency mining

Mining is the colloquial term for a resource-intensive computing process. This essentially involves guessing a number that leads to a desired solution when plugged into a hash algorithm. This value "resolves" a block of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency transaction data, and the block is added to the blockchain. A miner receives a reward in cryptocurrency for this work. These hash-based algorithms are called proof-of-work (PoW) algorithms.

Most major cryptocurrencies use a unique PoW algorithm. For example, Bitcoin uses a hashing algorithm called SHA-256. Monero uses CryptoNight. Ethereum's PoE algorithm is called Ethash. There are many different reasons to choose a PoW algorithm, but when it comes to ASICs, it mostly comes down to memory requirements. Unlike Bitcoin, Litecoin or the countless derivatives that have been overtaken by ASIC. Ethereum and Monero are considered "memory heavy", meaning they require a decent amount of RAM to run their hashing algorithms.
How to choose an ASIC miner?
Hash-ing rate

Hash rate is measured in hashes per second. Obviously, the more powerful the miner, the bigger the reward you get.

Hash-ing rate is not the definitive factor when it comes to choosing the best Bitcoin mining machine. It also needs to make the best use of the amount of electricity you use. The profitability of cryptocurrency mining depends a lot on your electricity expenses if you want to get the maximum amount of Bitcoins.

In the early stages of Bitcoin mining, it's all about making up the initial investment. You need to calculate the profitability of the cryptocurrency mining process. Then decide if it is worth buying a major miner. Or you can simply stay safe with a less expensive mining rig that gives you efficiency. provides you with effective solutions to achieve your profit goals, here you can find the latest Antminer equipment from the Bitmain company.

bitmain ASIC hardware

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